Lord I am ready for the end of summer already. I want to be back in classes, I want to be writing for a school newspaper again, I want to be in my own place again and not living with my parents and all seven siblings, I want to be able to bring men home so we can fuck in a bed and not in the woods or in a car. I’m so frustrated. 

If I get these two jobs like I plan this summer will be my busiest/most bad ass. I will have money to save and finally start living in my own apartment and stay not on campus. I will have the money to complete my love for Harry Potter and get the Marauder’s Map tattooed on my thigh. I will be an actual adult. 

Eat your heart out.

Fuck Thurs Day

…my gay is showing 

Thank you Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark previews for making me realize I am in this apartment alone. I’m gonna shit my pants tonight.